It’s been a hell of a year.

I find it stunning all that can happen over the course of 365 days. Gain. Loss. Joy. Pain. Contemplation. Anxiety. Liberation. Stress. Wins. Losses. I’ve found that each year I end up with more questions than answers – for the first time I think I am okay with it. I don’t think we should label a year as good or as bad. It simply is. Each one special in its own right, meaningful in its own way, and memorable – contributing to the full experience of a life well lived.

2022 brought us…

  • Hand-in-hand strolls through Parisian passages.

  • Treks down the street to Vineyard Market.

  • A full house of friends, with dinner, wine, and games.

  • An empty house, a glowing fireplace, finishing How I Met Your Mother.

  • Deep, vulnerable connection.

  • Unexplained, immature separation.

  • New friends, old friends, former friends, family.

  • Dozens of trips to the vet.

  • Emergency surgery.

  • Miraculous recovery.

  • Meaningful work.

  • Professional success, and feelings of failure.

  • Education, ambition.

  • Breakthroughs.

  • Breakdowns.

  • Breakfast.

A whole hell of a lot more than that too.

I think a lot about perception. How I am perceived. How I perceive others. But all perception is not equal. And not to mention it is a fickle thing.

I think a lot about the man in the arena. The critic, well, he doesn’t count. Sometimes I am that critic.

I’ll be more like the man in the arena this year.

The one with the face of dust and sweat and blood. I plan to err more, to come short more. To fail whilst daring greatly. This life is not a straight line that goes up and to the right. It’s more like a strand of hair, floating and flopping around in the air.

And its hard to enjoy the ride if you are looking around to see how others are enjoying their ride.

The ride is getting reset for another go’round. Hold on. LFG.